Signal Light Column for engine room
Ship telegraph logger

Ship telegraph logger analog inputs (0-10V, 4-20mA, Pt100) binary inputs NMEA input

Ship telegraph logger

The sm electrics telegraph logger has been designed to replace an outdated bell logger (command printer). The command list of the telegraph logger is able to represent up to 60000 commands, before the list gets refreshed. The telegraph logger will periodically execute an internal backup off the command list which will be exported to an excel sheet. All files are named with the specific timestamp and kept in an internal system folder.
made in germany
ship telegraph logger
In order to export all stored files from the telegraph logger to an external USB storage, the user interface provides a USB backup button. With single action, the telegraph logger will create a new excel sheet with the latest manoeuvre and then export all files automatically to the mounted pen drive. Moreover, the telegraph logger provides a password protected settings menu to change the description of each lever location and the current UTC offset. In order to open the on-device user manual, a specific button is located on the user interface.