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Engine Order Telegraph – Change in Ownership
From March 1, 2017 sm electrics resumes the development, maintenance, production and after sales service of engine order telegraphs EOT and em’cy engine order telegraphs EEOT from INTERSCHALT maritime systems GmbH. The EOT segment, in the market known as A067 series, represents a strategic expansion of sm electrics’ maritime product range.

The due date transition is well prepared to guarantee the reliable in time supply chain for our potential and valued clients in that new market segment. Based on the expertise of as well acquired EOT specialists sm electrics will continue providing competitive and sustainable high-quality EOT systems “made in Germany” as a long-term supplier. sm electrics will honor all existing contracts, guarantees, spare part assurances and beyond.

Asia Pacific Maritime - APM 2016

sm electrics with its tight and competitive product range has been represented flashily by several long term business partners located at Singapore maritime hotspot. Atlas Marine, CAN Traders and Services as well as Springer-EMS successfully distribute our products into the local markets and are representing sm electrics at one of Asia's most important trade fair.

Thomas Streit, sm electrics, head of sales (left side) | Richard Ng, Springer-EMS, head of sales (right side)

sm electrics @ the international leading trade fair SMM 2016
During the world leading ship industry trade fair sm electrics presented its main product range focused on Bridge Alert Management.

Bridge Alert Management – BAM le guardian 3000.

The system performance and its presentation have been lifted on a high-end level.